Launching the UWF in Rome program!

Salvete, omnes!  Welcome to the new webpage and blog of the forthcoming UWF in Rome program, currently scheduled for summer of 2015.  Conceived by University of West Florida professors Dr. Marie-Therese Champagne (History) and Dr. Kristina Killgrove (Anthropology), this program is designed for anyone interested in learning about Ancient Rome both in the classroom and on the ground in Italy.

On this site, you will find information about the professors, the planned syllabus (including which sites we will visit), and the cost.  As we near the start of the course and the trip, we will be blogging about our experiences and encouraging participants to blog as part of the course.

To whet your appetite for the wonders of Italy, ancient and modern, here are some pictures that Drs. Champagne and Killgrove took while in Rome a couple weeks ago. We scouted out things to see… and, of course, places to eat!


We found some awesome pizza di melanzane!



Dr. Killgrove checks out an inlaid wall at Ostia Antica.


Dr. Champagne poses with drama-masks.

photo (1)

Dr. Killgrove stands by the Senatus Populusque Coloniae Ostiense sign.


Dr. Champagne considers her ancient toilet options.

photo (12)

Dr. Killgrove peruses a map of Ostia Antica in the shade.

photo (14)

We had a blast at the Catacomb of Domitilla, as evidenced by this selfie. This could be you, if you join us next summer!